10 Dec. 2010
31 December 2010

The life-universalism book - v1.0.0-alpha  ✓
The life-universalism book - v1.0.1-alpha  ✓
The life-universalism book - v2.0.0-alpha  => 2011
Progress from “chaos” towards coordination and standardization on the English and Hungarian language opening page.  Partly, => 2011
Call for life-universalist membership, concerning 2011.  In sync with 1.0-beta => 2011
Annual progress in the year of 2010: evaluative on 31 December.  ✓

Year of testing.
The life-universalism book - v1.0.0-beta, only in 1 version and this one can be commented.
Dealing with the roots of the life-universalism (religion story and history) and with its first branch (political science).
Daily 1 minute prayer.
Yearly 1 day of fasting from sunrise to sunset, and meditation.
Tai chi 24 form.
100 km pilgrimage.

2011 first half-year:
Organizational form (administrative layer): association.
Accessories: life-univ flag, cap, and bag.

2011 second half-year:
Bibliophile limited edition book of the 1.0-beta.

The life-universalism book - v1.0.0
In English language too.
In paper-based version too.
Further strengthening of the life-universalist roots and branches.
Preparation of the Anti-Babel project: the achievement of all members speaking the current lingua franca, the English at least on intermediate level, because has to be 1 common language on which everyone understands the other.
Opening towards the other parts of the world.