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31 Dec. 2010

2010 evaluative
31 December 2010

2010 was the year of the foundation, and the majority of the aims of the year of 2010 were achieved too – only the bigger part of planned ones for December was transferred onto the next year..

Meanwhile, the outer, political conditions have deteriorated further in Hungary, and for e.g. contradicting news and declarations were born about what will be in 2011 in the concern of a church foundation, whether ten thousand members or hundred years of existence will be necessary to the judicial (re-)registration of the churches. That is why, because some people abused the gap in the present rules that practically anything fit into the category of the religion and church, even animal shelter as well.
Some lobbying has also been taken towards the really good law which solves the problem, and also because of making unsure by unpredictability is the first degree of the religious persecution, floating of “Damocles sword”, bringing into disadvantageous position, this is the religious discrimination, in this case, with such floating conditions that the small ones and new ones must have ten thousand members, or one hundred years old, because otherwise that religion does not count as a religion. In this way, the criteria will be bad again, but now in the opposite direction, because real religions will be excluded too.
About the new church law (in Hungarian)

The lesson in person that in 2010 there was run after the aims to be achieved; and from this viewpoint December is the worst month in the western world because it is full with other things, so it is not recommended planning to achieve high goals in December –, and a greater degree, and continuous concentrating is needed, for e.g. 16 hours life-univ daily as an aim to be achieved, even if not continuously, but at least sometimes.

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