3 October 2008.

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I start something new: something that there was not yet on the Hungarian political palette till now: the expedient learning and act onto the repossession of Hungary's management. This of course not goes alone… it is rather multi-participant task.
I try out the impossible one apparently – but there is a worse one, the helplessness at this.
Quoting Morvai Krisztina words, I am fed up unspeakably, infinitely, and astonishingly – and I may say that we are fed up – from their kind.
From this there is only one possibility, that everybody has to step on the national side, that can fully out from his or her abilities.
Budaházy György looks and waits for one hundred thousand fighters, I four thousand moral ones, in knowledge distinguished, and to keep the country wanting politician, because in this direction there is need – some in peacetime, than there is need in wartime times onto him.

Who selects this way stay consistent, and stay on this way; and if there are a manner and an opportunity, fight with his or her mind then, and not his or her arm, and not his or her sword.

Getting closer to the facts, from a self-education circle there is a word; from the definition of the aims to be achieved, the manner of the achievement of the aims, the things to be learned, and from learning them, and the based on all these from necessary acts.
The fundamental aim: the repossession of Hungary's management, and it is free of strange and anti-national management, the realisation of Hungary working well.
For these achievement needs to be creative. Neither the adversaries, neither the enemies do not means the divine level, only the level reigning currently; may be, and it is necessary to exceed them in everything, which is important.
Meanwhile we hope for the best, and prepare ourselves for the worst, because from the sovereigns of the darkness it is possible to count on the latter one.
For this new system, and its participants, for moral one and for intelligent one, for a logician, and it is necessary to be pragmatic where the aim does not sanction the device, on the other hand after the particular basis aims, basic principle the function good-first search, and its smallest bad principle extended in the largest measure.
It is necessary to accomplish the bloodless revolution of the sense – where it is one of the basic principles, that not the termination of the patient is needed, but the illness.
A mass support is necessary to this, and necessary a nation-preserving real elite, who are selecting from the mass support.
That in the truth with suitable filtration methods in the truth suitable peoples will select out, it is the system designer’s task (with feedback of course).

This was the introduction: from this, from week to week I will be more concrete.
Who is interested, and selects this road – the politician one, system and country constructor way – 2008. October from 11 Saturdays 15-16h he os she may find me on Margitsziget (Margaret island), the landscape of its middle, the 26 bus Park cinema alley name the stop, the Árpád bridge (north) looking in the direction of it on the right side.
(You are if it is raining very much if the time is very bad on an other manner, then rain date on Sunday is at the same time; if the time is very bad even then, then on the next week on a Saturday 15-16h.)


Parkmozi köz, a 26-os busz megállójától balra, az Árpád híd (észak) felé nézve   A 26-os busz megállója, Parkmozi köz, az Árpád híd (észak) felé nézve
A Parkmozi köz buszmegállótól jobbra, az Árpád híd (észak) felé nézve   Rét a Parkmozi köz buszmegállótól jobbra, az Árpád híd (észak) felé nézve

Timetable of bus number 26 (BKV page)

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