Life-universalism (Beta, 2008)
19. August 2008

After 35 years of thinking about the Universe and its things, and because I am thinking already in the aim to be attained of the life-universalist system since 2004, the time of the realisation of the system has come.
The plan already has, the building also began – and I am working on it the six days of the week, or when I am at Internet, I am adding its elements to it, and I am looking for the suitable people – because the system can be growing in the participant peoples' proportion, according to the tree from the seed principle.


This is machine translated text - a bit manually corrected - from to get some insight.
(Because of frequent additions and changes during these weeks, I am not going to translate these versions manually.)

The life friendly world system - everything what is important

The life-universalism consists of projects, and itself is a project: the parent of the rest of the part projects – these may be open projects, for which not needed to be life-univerzalist, just to agree with the given project.

Itinerary (roadmap)

Beta (Tester): until 9 May 2009
Start (Practice):from 10 May 2009

2008 autumn program:
The actual (and approx. final) homepage forming:
3 category on this homepage:
1. Central (global) website, in English only, the life-universalist principles and system, and the unsolved (social, natural, technical) problems of the countries shortly, and the solution proposals.
(In the lack of decision position and means, firstly hobby, then lobby, then politician.)
2. Links of national websites (country level, and here join the others, counties, cities, settlements).
3. Home of the founder on the net (blog, and the older things).

The following elements will be accomplished in the year of 2008:
1. Global part: theoretical description of the life-universalist system (its aim, its worldview, and its logical and organizational structure in Hungarian and in some form in English too).
2. Nationwide part: appeal for the neutral and independent Hungary (in accordance with life-universalist principles).
3. Nationwide part: appeal for the realization of the necessary policy of the growth of the population for survival (3, 4 children family model instead of 1, 2 children).
4. Global and national part: worth reading (recommended or “obligatory” readings).

2009: Maybe school test (as the part of the education heading or as other solution).

At the end of 2008 I will stop all of my external activity, for example:
participation of the existing parties and other political groups (I will take part only in 4 programme yearly, from the order of hundred series);
web developing and maintenance not connecting directly to life-universalism;
translations not connected to life-universalism direcly, except cforms (this remain as hobby, and a utilized instrument).
The already not continued things will be archived in the “founder’s home on the net” part.

In the beta phase the trial of the theory, and its testing happens in little communities on all of them according to the ideas in order for it to be knowable works, concerned, that comparing the practice with the theory in the good-first search, where it is necessary to change it possibly.

Start: may start for the road of the tested system wich found suitable for the global village.

About life-unviversalism, shortly

The aim of the life-universalism is the achievement of higher-level intellectual-material lifestyles, through the demi-divine level until the divine one, and the maintainable civilisation consisting of the systems fitting in each other rotationally.
This system eternal and universal - and for the properly mentally grew (again) discoverable, its function and its necessity though understandable.
The religious and social cosmic system that is necessary to staying in the long-term life happening in the technical civilisation is the life-universalism.
Inside this, the life-universalism is such an aim-oriented rule system, world view, and lifestyle, which is in harmony with the universe's laws,, and unites the religion and the social form in itself.
The preferred social form of the life-universalism is the rotational order-like technical civilisation, and the direct democratic society.
The fundamental law of the life-universalism is the smallest bad principle extended in the possible largest measure, and the respect of the sinless, healthy life, where, if something from a reason it is necessary to rank it, they stand more forward the developed organization, and onto the other ones unharmful and not sponging off races, groups, and individuals, and that by way of a principle the different developed lifestyles depending on a level non-equality too, as a fact which can be experienced, who is said. The emphasis is on the respect of the life however: to rank between the living beings only it life-keeper on the case of a conflict which cannot be resolved on a manner free, and necessary.
This means that differentiating according to the accomplished development degree happens, for e.g. the value of the life of a bird not identical with the human, the life of a protozoan not identical with that of the bird.
From the respect of the life not hurting your sinless, other edge because of that in the life-universalism there is a word because the respect of the guilty life would lead to the paradox that we should respect the sin while it is not possible to separate the sin from the guilty life – and this would mean the road driving towards the extinction in the practice from the sin admirers' part.
The life-universalism is a materialistic logic system depending on a basis, in which his most intelligent, living being having the largest influence above the events with supposed, not proven existence existing presumably is a god for the Universe. Thus the life-universalism unites the materialism, and in the god truth faith, logic conclusions, and based on the bigger probability belonging to these.
The largest and final aim of the life-universalism is the achievement of the divine level, and identifying with him in the material world, by way of the continuous existence and intellectual and bodily development.
The continuous race survival is essential on the other hand in the interest of the achievement of this big aim. The race extinction zeroing a result attained till now on all of them which cannot be allowed because this is all aim, and the given race would mean his failure.
The life-universalism is life-keeper, problem recogniser, and problem-solving collectivist religious and social system – this between the all-time circumstances possible.
For the life-universalism, than for a life party, midstream cosmic system, the protest constitutes his part it undemocratic, imperialist, exploiting, harmful, anti-life interest groups (world)rule, and (world)ruler against his endeavours, because these the life mostly endangering, to war, and to the extinction of the race leader, anti-life, death-way endeavours, on the soil of the egoism and the group interest.
The life-universalism the revolution of the strength and the weapons and to keep the life instead of his rule wanting reports the revolution of a sense and his rule.
The logic deduction occurs because of the ancestor reason until the life in the life-universalism, to the man, and until a god –, where yet not sufficient to this by elimination the knowledge, there based on the bigger probability. Onto deduction is found, that why critic period the third millennium in the story of the human race, and how the people has to switch from the social Darwinism bought in the wide sense with a strength hierarchy with a predator principle why (on a name applied here: pred) onto the real collectivism (koll) at what soon – the ants and bees task and function-oriented, but hierarchy-free, and to his society collaborating perfectly similar onto a form, where it is anarchy not the disarray without the rule, chaos and delinquency reports it, but really the order without the rule, for it on his basis, that everybody already ahead knows it, that we the correct, and we his thing, his task to be fulfilled. This collectivist basis is game for life-universalism as a state to be attained, and comes true, when already on a social level is to it the necessary ethical level with a tall degree, and intellectual development. But dared only from it running a farm may be what there is really, the all-time actual social system only according to the ethical and intellectual level which can be attained actually possible, since the participants with a suitable, intellectual and ethical level depending on an identical level properly are the idealistic experiments demanding the level differing from it significantly in his deficiency sentenced them onto fall. And to attain the level on the other hand although the starting expected level of the life-universalism is tall from the beginning and the system is able to hold it in small with the selection of persons being top notch, and with the keeping of the level, concerned with his increase and with his differentiation, can be growing.
It life-universalist system aims for the social optimum, and does not define the possessive relations of the means of production for example from the beginning because of this because the optimum of this is a situation and a firm construction pendant – somebody else a family undertaking, and somebody else a large scale firm's case – and only onto the individual proportion of the year and full property grants governing principles, which may become law by way of majority voting in the given community finally, relevantly, and in a society.

The most important characteristics of the life-universalist system:

1.) Because of the place and because of time independent, and the reality at what building upon bigger universal truths covering his part: the life-universalism that religious and social system, that the faultless logic, and set the world's real and accurate mapping as an aim, and that attains his set aims moving on this scientific road primarily, possibly at what less onto the authoritarianism, and relying on revelations referring to a god happening by way of people;
2.) Life party: the aim of the life itself, and the additional development; the maintenance of the accomplished and available highest organization degree, and continuing to improve him, his improvement;
3.) Switching from the predatory lifestyle to the real collectivism, dared in the technical civilisation the predator ideas on the wars (differently entering sporting event, on social suicides) accross they lead to the extinction of the race finally, and now already, measured with a historical scale, inside short time;
4.) To see the world according to the reality: to see through the lies, on deceptions, on trickery, on manipulations: to recognize the ignorance, and the anti-life, harmful, harmful, exploiting intention, and to ward these off, and onto these life party, life-keeper to respond on a manner;
5.) In terms of the life correct value orientation, the ability of the differentiation of the essential and irrelevant things, and the erection of order of importance, in the knowledge, in the learning, and in the act.

About life-universalism, richly

The life-universalist flag, and the symbols

The flag

The flag displays the essence of the life-universalism in the plainest form: through the demi-divine level the achievement of the divine level. The blue circle symbolize the Earth on the flag; around the white colour though god.

The sizes of the flag and its colours

The blue circle the red circle of the Japanese flag (that red circle on the standard web flag 193 x 193 pixels, 24,511 x 24,511 mm) in beam (r) with 5 pixels, in a diameter (d) with 10 pixels bigger.
Both (the Japanese and the life-univ) flag with a framework 451 x 302 pixels, (57,277 x 38,354 mm).
On the edge of the flag symbol round, moving towards the inside of the rectangle from outside, 3 pixels there is a wide framework.
(The source of the Japanese flag: )

The proportion of the sides 3:2, or, 4,5:3, or 5:3.
For e.g. the size of the flag can be:
4,5 x 3 m (180 in x 120 in),
3 x 2 m (120 in x 80 in),
1,5 x 1 m (60 in x 40 in),
1,5 x 0,9 m (60 in x 36 in),
90 x 60 cm (36 in x 24 in);
manual flag: 45 x 30 cm (18 in x 12 in);
desktop flag: 15 x 10 cm (6 in x 4 in)

At the flag the selected light blue colour for two of the main colours of the Earth, the dark blue of the seas, and the average of the whiteness of the clouds. This light blue colour ("UN-blue") displayed graphically RGB 54,167,233 (hexadecimal #36A7E9).
The white colour the regular clear white colour, RGB 255,255,255, (hexadecimal #FFFFFF).

The three standards used generally at the national and organizational flag on the figure blue colour (in the middle with the "UN-blue"), and the grey framework surrounding the flag visible magnified:

Symbol, emblem, banner (banner headline)

On the right side of the banner the Earth can be found, on the left side the white circle god symbolize it, the rainbowcolour-band though the road to be done.

The scale of the banner 2:1 (is equal to that of the English flag).
The slogan: The life friend cosmic system - on all of them which are important

The beaked banner the colour palette the colours of the rainbow, one according to the colour palette of light canceled concerned with the prism, with that difference, that here the purple (ultra-violet) the white follows a colour.
There is not a white and black colour on the other hand in the nature. The white colour the totality of the colours which can be perceived by way of the human eye, the black colour though the deficiency of the light, concerned the case of the perfect light-absorption.

(The source of the picture of which use was made: HubbleSite )

All this would bring up some contradictions regarding the perfect mapping of the situation: on the other hand the situation it, that it is not possible to depict the people and their mentality in a form like this on fair one with colours: so the applied figure serves as a symbol only; in this case not from a statement with scientific validity, and not too from classification with a level like this there is a word.

Symbols from flora and fauna

The life-universalist symbols from the flora the walnut tree, the palm tree, and the lotus.
The walnut tree is along-lived tree, the drupaceous crop of which the pests cannot harm – conversely the single part of the soft fruits, you are all even, falls prey to them. The walnut tree on the other hand the 100% aims for soundness, and from self-defence distinguished.
According to the life-universalist view, where not to plant a worthy walnut tree, there not worthy to settle down, staying there is you neither. Although this is not all of the scale of the things, but this one.
The palm tree because of that life-univ symbol, with drawn firm foundations, strong and big tree at which deep roots are, but his tribe after all flexible and elastic, and does not break exposed to the largest effects of force appearing in the nature neither, and based on these characteristics of it from resourcefulness distinguished;
the lotus though because his seed is germinative after the passing of more thousand years even sometimes is left over.

From the fauna symbol the sylvan shrew – the dinosaurs with a big body survivor plain but superb short mammal;
the elephant, which is with a big body, intelligent herbivorous, and in the fauna practically one without an adversary;
the camel, the grim (tropic) the herbivorous big survivor of natural circumstances;
in the aquatic world though the whale, which is with a big body, and in the aquatic world practically peaceful plankton eater without an adversary;
and the collectivist from among insects living in a lifestyle the bees: diligent, their system between the given circumstances for optimal one can be considered – not sponging off, not ravening, and not too aggressive, amig they are not provoked.

These plants and animals accomplish a lifestyle like that, that it life-universalist they stand near to philosophy.
Naturally here not from its expression is word, it is you that the rest of the races do not have grounds that it would be necessary to restrict it to the mentioned few races the biodiversity – but from that direction, that on the one hand these the plant and species stand it life-univ to a world view and to a lifestyle the nearest; on the other hand though, the demi-divine lifestyle really the biodiversity reports some narrowing of his, inevitably, and inevitably, since all that, which belongs to the fauna, may not characterize it in full whole one's, and what is qualified as a sin and a mistake in the man world already – strange in consideration of the destruction, it onto parasitism, the predatory…

The place of the life-universalism on the political palette

The life-universalism as political strength the centre, the centre line, and it has staying lived in his axis reports it. So the life-universalism not leftist, and not rightist idea, but the axis of the life, the golden mean.
This constitutes a problem if a country is his population already naturally ajar, and two rushed upon a part politically, his other half is in the right side trench though where one of his halves are the populations in the left side trench.
It follows from the state like this for many people that they are who there are in the middle only a little group, and it follows from this, that onto a undermanned party not worthy to vote, because from it will not be driving strength anyway.
According to an other consideration on the other hand only onto them worthy to vote, because the things will be then really on their place only, if from them will be the leader power…
Two important factors worthy here into attention to have bought:
a) how the hostility ceases when;
b) and that which group what kind of life-principles makes a confession.

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 left-wing trench
right-wing trench 

I add to all this that the life-universalism is not a single political party where the competition is going on on it in order who should know it bigger – and possibly unredeemed – to lure the voters to skilfully with promises, and who knows them better how to buy-bribe from the paid taxes… Or the even plainer variant, monopolist to oppress them better as a state capitalist.
Being the life-universalism world view and lifestyle; for this it life-universalist a party's only single form of manifestation – after the religion, if already is to it the membership, and is to it that majority, who understand it, that why it life-univ system the best from the choice.

Everybody may test his own position on the political palette with an English language website autoriter (authoritarian) – liberal (liberal), concerned that how much leftist (communist) you are a rightist (capitalist, neoliberal).

You are on the circle if the result of the test is inside the circle, then the test filling with enough good chances the life-universalism will answer as a world view, and exemplary as a life-principle - although this test tops a far-flung footing with this relevantly entirely only – and yes big his probability, that Mahatma Gandhi did not fill in this test :-) so only from assumption is word, that his place would be there if he would have filled it, where the test constructing is – even together with the statement coming as a surprise that he may be somebody as one depending on middle decided and consistent, and than so, radical, that is radical change wanting one in things, but not extreme.

To be continued.

I am sorry for bad (mostly machine translated) English.

Béla Ungvári